pianist • conductor

“Many of these pieces have been recorded … however, as before, Huss leaves all previous competition far behind” (Gramophone)

“… through liveliness in tempo and articulation, imaginative embellishments and agogic flexibility … an inspired and lively interpretation which, for all its ‘authenticity’ is never academic and dry … Huss has demonstrated stylistic sensitivity in his elaboration of the solo part, which in the original is only suggested and was intended to be improvised.” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

“The interpretation gets to the heart of the music in all respects: it is exciting, full of suspense, enthralling and moving!” (Fono Forum)

“… under the baton of Manfred Huss … Then came a tribute to Anton Webern, the Five Pieces performed with a refined elegance … brilliant performers. This soirée viennoise was a truly beautiful opening to what promises to be a particularly rich Evian Festival.” (Le messager)